How to wear a “boyish” white shirt

White shirt with a twist

Some days you wake up and feel like wearing the most amazing outfit, other days you kind of just want to wear a plain white shirt and a pair of jeans. So today I wanted to show you how to upgrade your white shirt outfit so that it looks  sophisticated and fabulous. Cause it is all about balance.

We all sometimes don´t feel like dressing up and all we want to wear is the simplest and most comfy outfit we can find. But by adding some accessories or playing around with what we are wearing we can make a basic outfit absolutely delightful.





It is pretty simple, for example roll  your shirt cuff over you  jacket or coat that way you give it a casual touch, making your outfit upgrade from simple to sophisticated.

























Another thing you can do is add a statement bag, you need some color in your outfit so that it     doesn´t look boring. Also what you can do, is tie a scarf to your every day bag it will seem like it is a new bag. And will give you that extra color you were looking for.

Small touches of color make basic outfits look more sophisticated and feminine.




















Another trick I like to use is, knotting my shirt. I personally like wearing man shirts. But most of the times the are way to large, so if you knot your shirt you make it look more feminine and it seems like it is your size.




Now lets talk about shoes. I know that high heels is not what you have in mind when you think of a comfy outfit. But some times all you need is a pretty pair of high heels to just look amazing.     Keep it casual, it doesnt have to be anything to exaggerated. Neutrals color will be just perfect.

Simple jackets or even coats for those days where it is a little bit more chilly combine perfectly with this kind of outfits. I personally like straight-cut coats or jackets. They are simple and comfy which is what we are actually looking for with this outfit.



Hope you liked it,



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