Shades of Denim

Hi, Everyone! Finally is Friday, and with this amazing weather today I decided to show you one of my go-to outfits for springs.

I’m kind of denim lover, I wear them basically every single day, but who doesn´t?  They´re comfy, stylish and super easy to combine. 

if been kind of obsessed with the combination of denim over denim, I just to hate it but know if come to realize that if you combine it well it can be the ultimate outfit.


denim jeans plus ray ban sunglasses

jeans and denim shirt

black boots and jeans

Whenever you’re thinking of wearing denim on denim you need to combine different shades, never wear the same shades because that looks kind of weird. If your jeans are dark denim then find a shirt that is light denim or the opposite like I did with this outfit.

levi jeans

denim shirt and blonde hair

denim shirt

Adding a scarf makes the outfit look more sophisticated and feminine, breaking with the monochrome of the denim.

levis 501

I love my redone 501 Levi´s, I have never had a pair of jeans that fit so well. They are just amazing.

red bag

This lottusse red bag is the ultimate vintage touch the outfit needed to be just perfect. Plus the size is just great.

jeans and denim shirt

Hope you like it!