Top five gifts ideas

Top five gifts ideas


We all know how hard it is sometimes to buy presents, and it is even harder when that person has everything you can think about. So for those occasions where you don´t know what to buy here are five easy gifts which can be really helpful.


Le Cord

If you are planning on giving a gift to somebody who is really into tech products but at the same time likes fashionable things, Le cord is your brand. This Swedish brand is a local company based in Stockholm, which makes charges and sync cables for iPhones in a very cute way. Seriously these are the cutest cables I have ever seen.




For those friends which really like having everything very organized, we also have the perfect gift. It is called Bag-all, an NYC-based store, which basically makes bags for everything. From birthdays to weddings bags but don´t forget traveling bags. You can also customize the bags by adding some monograms or changing the ribbon which makes this gift the perfect solution!




Continuing with the customized gifts I’m sharing with you the best weekender bags, which can be monogrammed making it the absolutely perfect gift for those ones who love taking trips. This brand is an American based company which makes the most amazing weekender bags. They have a variety of colors from which you can choose, as well as different sizes.



Save the projects

Sometimes it is really hard to buy presents, especially when you don´t know that person very much. But don´t worry there is always a present for everyone. Let me introduce you to Save the projects, a Spanish brand which makes watercolor paintings, as well as calendars or notebooks. You can never go wrong with a flamingo painting


The library of fragrance

Saving the best for the end we have a very special brand. The library of fragrance is a British brand, which literally recreates any smell you can think of. From baby powder to grass, clean sheets or play doh. But it doesn´t stop here the brand also recreates more grown up odors, such as gin tonic, leather, and paperback, because why would you smell like a flower if you could smell like leather


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