Australian Skincare Brands

Australian Skincare Brands

The rise of Australian Skincare Brands is becoming a thing this 2019

If you thought the raise of beauty companies was over think twice. First came the K – beauty, then the J-Beauty and now… Lets give a big welcome to the A-beauty.

Australian  skincare brands such as AESOP, Grown Alchemist, Dr. Roebuck or Sand & Sky are growing in popularity around the globe.

It all started with the 10 steps skin care regimes koreans swear by. But let us be realistic, Who has the time or willing to spend more than 30 minutes on their skincare routine every morning and night? I have tried it, and it is almost impossible sometimes. Australian skincare brands have appeal here with a more relaxed approach, emphasizing on natural ingredients sourced locally. They are more focus on sustainability and simplistic product formats rather than complex skincare routines.

I have to say I have always been a skin care fanatic. I would rather spend money on beauty products than makeup. But Korean skin care routine was too much for me. I really made the effort and tried to dedicate 30 minutes to skin care routines, but sometimes you are too tired to do it and just want something fast but as good. Plus, I love the idea of keeping things as simple as possible while trying to be as natural as possible.

In a world where pollution, and waste are a very important and risky matter, the fact that there are brands who are taking action about it and really trying to be as clean as possible makes me really happy. Which is one of the many reasons why I am going to try out this new A-beauty skincare trend. Sign me in for a glowing, sun kissed skin.

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