Beauty Tips

The secrets, not so secret I’ve learned about skin

Having a glowing and flawless skin doesn’t mean you have to go bankrupt

You know the expression you are what you eat? Well, I´ve never paid much attention to it until a couple of years ago. Until I started to become a beauty freak. In order to achieve that flawless amazing skin, everybody dreams of.

During these years I have learned really amazing things. There are so many types of creams, for oily skin, dry skin, for first signs of wrinkles, eye creams, serum. So many decision to make about your face without really knowing anything about it.

I know how hard and overwhelming this can be. Which is why I wanted to share with you what I have learned in these years. Hopefully, it will help you.

1.The one and only cream you should be gushing about is SPF 50. I promise you it will help your skin in the long term. It doesn’t matter if it is raining or snowing or there is no sun at all. Wear it every single day. Your future you will thank you for it


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2. There is no need to buy an eye cream. Your eye skin is the same as the rest of your face. No miracle eye cream is going to help. It may seem like it is taking away your wrinkles but its actually just covering them in the short term

3. Focus on the vitamins, I know taking pills every single day can be tedious sometimes.Trust me you will see the effects in the long term. After turning 25 your skin reduces the production of collagen in a 25%. After turning 40 it goes down to 75%. So if you’re considering taking a collagen supplement you should definitely do it. Vitamin C and E are key skin vitamins. Eating one or two oranges a day won’t give you the sufficient amount of vitamin your cells need. In conclusion, taking a vitamin C supplement is key.


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4. Concentrate on the retinoids these are the key to a youthful skin. Start with the lowest one 0.1% and grow from them. It may give your skin a red tone and a little bit itchy the first time you use it.

beauty tips

1.The Ordinary

2. Skin Ceuticals

3. Super Retinol

4. Medik 8


5. Most of all, don’t look for miraculous effects when buying a cream. Keep in mind vitamins and retinoids are all your skin needs. Expensive creams promise you a youthful skin but they don’t actually work

6. Massage your face every day. We go to the gym to get our bodies in shape. But what happens with our face? Do you make time to massage it and stretch it? After all, it is composed of muscles like the rest of the body. Therefore, when applying your night cream you should take at least 3 minutes to massage it. There is a famous Japanese facialist which has a compilation of incredible face massages on YouTube



7. To conclude. All you need to achieve that glowy skin is a good SPF for the day and retinol serum and vitamin cream for the night.