Best Books to Read this Fall

2018 edition

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn. It’s time to put the towel, the hammock, and the swimsuits back in the closet. And renew the wardrobe but girls not only live from clothes we do need books. So new season new books to add to the library.

Say hello to the best books to read this fall 2018. From autobiographies full of inspiration and self-determination to historian books with stories that will make you cry and at the same time laugh.

Ten books that will keep you super entertain this season. So don’t wait any longer, grab a cup of hot tea your favorite blanket and let’s start reading


Small Fry

Be ready to drop some tears and laughs with the story of the daughter of one of the genius of our era. This book is an autobiography of Steve Jobs daughter. Part a portrait of a complex family, growing up with a mythical figure of her father, feeling shame and legitimacy. Her feelings and relationships with her parents and her love for the California of the 70s and 80s.

small fry


The mermaid and Mr.s Hancock

A historical fiction novel. Based in the London of 1780s. It tells the story of a prosperous merchant and a mermaid. The perfect book for those days all you want to do is let your imagination fly

mermaid and mrs hancock


The tattooist of Auschwitz

You probably have already read a lot of books about the World War II. But this book will show you the insides of how the lives of those in Auschwitz really looked like. Based on interviews conducted with Holocaust survivors and the tattooist of one of the most potent symbols of the Holocaust. An illuminating tale full of compassion, hope and courage.

the tattooist of aushwitz


21 lessons for the 21st century

“In a world deluged of irrelevant information, clarity is Power”. In Harari´s book, you’ll find shape-shifting topics, such as nationalism, religion or artificial intelligence. Expect to find challenging questions that will have a mind-opening experience. Challenge yourself and question everything around you.

21 lessons for the 21st century


A story about poverty in a country known for its excess. Sarah Smarsh narrates her turbulent childhood living in a poor and working class at Heartland. A powerful analysis and cultural commentary of a part of the society nobody hears about.



What if this were enough?

In an ear where we’ve convinced ourselves that “salvation” can only be achieved in the form of new products, technologies, and lifestyle. Havrilesky deconstructs some of these misleading messages and suggests new ways to navigate our increasingly bewildering world.

Connect with what already is, who we are and what we have and enjoy it.

what if this were enough


Well-Read Black Girl

This book is a collection of essays written by black women writers. Where they talk about the many paths black women have traveled on the road of self-definition.

well read black girls


Why we dream

We will have to wait another month to be able to read this book but the wait will be so worthy. Have you ever wonder why we dream what we dream and what is the meaning?

Well, this book is an examination of the meaning and purpose of our night vision and a guide to changing our dreams lives. Get ready to learn everything you didn’t know about dreams.

why we dream


Fashion Climbing

If you’re really into fashion or just love autobiographies this book you should add to your fall list of books to read.

Learn about the life of the famous New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham. How he became the was born to be from a little boy dressing up with his sister clothes to an NYC well-known photographer and designer.

fashion climbing


Educated: A Memoir

And to conclude we have a book which is in the list of the must-read books in the New York Times, BBC and Library Journal. But if this wasn’t enough it is also a best seller book in the states.

It narrates the story of Tara a girl that grew up surrounded by nature in the mountains of Idaho in a Mormon family and their strict rules and laws. She never went to school nor the doctor. But she had an obsession with learning, she wanted to study and learn. So she educated herself in order to pass her exams and get into college. In 2008 she graduated in Arts by Cambridge University and in 2009 she post-graduated at Trinity College.

This book is all about how to overcome your limitations and fight for your dreams.