Alicia Vikander Inspired bubble ponytail


The Bubble Ponytail

What is not to like about Alicia Vikander? Such a talented actress. She always looks perfect on the red carpet and her hairstyles are just amazing.

Which is why I decided to try to do one of the hairstyles she perfectly pulls off at the Bourne premiere in Berlin. Many of you have probably seen the bubble ponytail around Instagram since it’s become a hit this summer. Super easy to do it gives you that extra touch you are looking for, plus it’s just perfect to control frizzy hair while on the beach.

A couple of weeks ago I showed you how to do a bubble ponytail inspired in Blake´s lively red carpet hairstyle. Well, today’s ponytail is a little bit more elaborate since it combines braids and ponytail. But is perfect for a night date, a wedding or any event.

I know sometimes hairstyle seems very complicated to do, or that you need a lot of products to make it work. Extensions, hairspray, volumizers … But the truth is you can also make them in a simplier and easy way. Probably they won’t look as incredible as they would if you were using all those products. But trust me it will look amazing.

All you need is to find some inspiration and try to make them with what you have at home. There is no need to buy fancy things to look good. With some bobby pins and elastics, you can make amazing things!



bubble ponytail


bubble ponytail

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