Coat Trends for this Autumn

Keep warm and Chic at the same time


Now that it is getting really cold it is time to start thinking about wearing our coats back. Looks like winter is approaching super fast and the need of keeping warm is becoming a major necessity.

I know they say as long as you are warm it doesn’t matter how you look. But we all know it actually does matter. So why not keep warm and stylish at the same time? The great thing is that this fall there are plenty of options from where to choose the perfect coat.

Do you like long coats that will keep your whole body warm? Or are you more a puffer kind of girl? Green, Blue, silver or plaids are some of the coat trends you will see this season.

The Teddy Bear

Do you remember how soft teddy bears used to be when you were little? Well, I have great news for you now you can wear one and feel that softness all day every day. These teddy coats will keep you warm and fashionable at the same time. You will feel like a big soft teddy bear with this coat trend.

teddy coats

From left to right: Pink coat from StoriesBrown coat from MangoNavy coat from ZaraColor Block coat from Topshop

Wrap Me Up

I don’t know about you, but when I’m super cold all I want is to wrap things really tied around my body. I feel like this way I get warmer faster. If like me you’re always super cold and love things wrapped around your body so that the cold cant get in. These wrap coats are perfect for you. Long, short there are plenty of options from where to choose.

wrap up coats

From left to right: Navy Wrap coat from storiesPurple coat from TibiGrey coat from MangoRed coat from Uterqüe

The Classic Trench

Trenches have always been a basic in almost everyone’s closet. They are the perfect piece from when transitioning from fall to winter and from winter to spring. They keep you warm, chic and elegant. This season the classic trench has been reinvented and modernized to give it a more fashionable touch.

trench coats

From left to right: Leather coat from UterqüeMix coat from Claudie PierlotPlaid coat from MajeBeige coat from Zara

Plaids for everyone

Plaids have had a major comeback this season. We’ve seen plaid suits, blazers, pants, and skirts now it is time for plaid coats. For those who love this classic pattern, this season is the season to wear it on repeat.

plaid coats

From left to right: Brown coat from StoriesRedcoat from Sandro, Gray coat from Cos Stores, Beige coat from Arket

Puff me up

The comeback of the puffer has been one of the major comebacks this fall. The 90s are such a big inspiration on this season collections. And, how can you have a 90s comeback without the puffer jackets? Silver puffer jackets are a huge trend. But I know it may not be on everyone taste. So, there is an alternative for those who are not convinced with the silver puffer jacket. Red, white, vinyl or any other color you can think of. As long as they’re a puffer jacket they’re on this season coat trends.

puffer jackets

From left to right: Silver Puffer from MajeWhite Puffer from Comptoir des CotonniersVinyl Puffer from ZaraRed Puffer from Aritzia

Green Envy

If green is one of your favorite colors don’t think it twice and buy one or get it out of your closet. This color is a big color trend on coats this fall. From dark English green to more citrus versions of it. That depends on you and which type of shades you prefer wearing.

green coats

From left to right: Long coat from MajeWrap coat from ArketCoat from Cos StoresTrench coat from Aritzia

Blue Lover

One of my favorite colors without a doubt is blue. Doesn’t matter what shade. Nay, bright blue, Baby blue I love them all. I’ve always loved the idea of wearing soft shades of colors like blue, pink, green or yellow in the winter. Who said you can only wear dark colors when it is cold?

blue coats

From left to right: Coat from Burberry, Coat from TopshopCoat from Massimo DuttiCoat from Sandro