Crop Tops You can Wear in your 30s

Summer Crop Tops

I have to admit as much as I like this trend, crop tops don’t always look good on everyone. Is the ultimate summer trend but is very hard to wear it and look fabulous while doing it.

Normally when you think about crop tops, you think about teenagers because well we all know they have great bodies. But today I’m showing you a list of really great crop tops you can use in your 20s and even in your 30s.

When buying a crop top always remember that less is more. This means that the less skin you show the better. Opt for crop tops with a knot that way if your belly is not super flat you can hide it and will get the effect you’re slimmer.

You don’t have to wear super small crop tops, which barely leave anything to the imagination. All you have to do is show the right amount of skin in the right places. A sleeve crop top with a deep v neck, for example, is the perfect type of top if you’re not a teenage anymore.

Sometimes is hard to wear trends that look so far away from your age but you just have to find the variation that will look good on you. Show a little bit of skin in those places you know you’re skinnier.

A little bit of cleavage or some rib cage are the spots you should definitely accentuate when looking for a crop top.

A couple of weeks ago I posted an outfit with a crop top I’m in love with. Check it out to get some inspiration on how to wear it, and combine it.

Remember you can always wear a trend if you modify it a little bit so it will suit you.


crop top

Faithfull The Brand ( $129)

red crop top

Realisation Par ($140) pattern crop top

Ganni ($170)

flower crop top

The Reformation ($128)

crop top zara polka dots

Zara ($25)

crop top staud

 Staud ($91)

crop top flowers sisterhood

Sisterhood ($50)

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