Dare to wear a dress over pants

Dare to wear a dress over pants?

Here is how to layer dresses over pants

Dare to wear a dress over pants 1

Have you ever worn a dress over pants? It may seem like an odd combination. But when done right, this unlikely combo of a dress with pants can actually become anything but baggy or frumpy. I would never have thought that layering a dress over pants would become one of my favorite looks for spring.

There are so many ways in which you can wear dresses over pants. That there is an option for everybody and every taste. From a romantic vibe with maxi dresses and jeans to a more sporty one with cropped leggings or bicycle shorts and shirt dresses.

But one thing is for sure in order to avoid looking bulky, because of the layers, always wear a pair of high heels. This way your legs will look longer.

Another of my favorite trends that I am wearing on repeat this Spring and will continue during the summer, is the shorts suit trend. Can’t get enough of it.

Ready to give this combo a try? Here are my top Dresses and pants combo to layer and rock this odd trend.

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Dare to wear a dress over pants 15

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