10 Wide Leg Jeans to Give your Legs some Room

10 Wide Leg Jeans to Give your legs some Room

The Hottest 2019 Denim Trend

Wide Leg jeans to wear this Spring

denim trend

Now that Spring has really Sprung is time to have some fun and play with colors. If you haven’t noticed yet this year skinny jeans are being substituted for more relaxed- wider fit jeans. But let’s take it to the next level and try on the wide leg jeans trend. Yes, you have heard right these jeans are having a major comeback this Spring.

For quite some time now I’ve been obsessed with straight and loose pants. Especially now that temperatures are rising, I don’t really feel like wearing a pair of skinny jeans. It all started with the bootcut jeans trend and since then it has escalated into wide leg jeans.

Do you know the best part? They look amazing no matter what your body type is. Always wear them with high heels to create the effect of extra long legs. Plus they’re so stylish. This denim trend can make any outfit go from simple to fashionable.

If you are not convinced yet here is a selection of my top 10 wide leg jeans to start wearing this Spring and fall in love with this 2019 denim trend.

denim trend
denim trend

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