How to Dress like a French Girl

Simple, Chic and Effortless

If French girls are known for something, is for their great style. Always simple, effortlessly but at the same time chic and elegant. You may think recreating this way of dressing up is hard and only French girls can do it because they have that “Je ne se quoi” we all would love to have.

Well, actually dressing like a French girl is not that complicated. There are some basic rules you have to follow but trust me it is not that hard.

First of all, keep in mind that less is more. Something that characterizes French girls is the fact that they prefer simple outfits. Jeans and a striped t-shirt. White shirt and black jeans or a cashmere sweater and your favorite blue jeans. By keeping things simple you assure you will never go out of style.

Second, they love wearing black. Black outfits are a must among french girls. All they do is accessorize them differently so that they seem like a totally new outfit.

And finally, look for outfits that can we wore during the whole day no matter what event you have to go to. The key to a French girl style is to always try to wear an outfit that can be worn through the whole day and will look fabulous.

French girls prioritize accessories over clothes. The key is to change them making it look like you have changed your whole outfit. Maybe wear a scarf during the day with a simple pair of earrings and some gold bracelets. And for the night go for a more dramatic look by changing the earrings for ones that will make a statement and red lips. Always wear red lipstick for a night event.

Following these rules, today’s look is all about how to nail the French girl look by keeping things simple and prioritizing accessories.

An all-black outfit will never go out of style. Adding some bracelets, a gold necklace and a pair of high heels make this outfit go from simple and boring to stylish and chic.

Dress like a french girl

Dress like a french girl

Dress like a french girl

Dress like a french girl

Dress like a french girl


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