The Weekly Fashionista Wishlist

The Weekly Fashionista Wishlist 1

The Weekly Fashionista Wishlist


A curated list of 16 fashion finds fresh from the New In Section.

Ready to be added to your fashion wishlist are these Dresses for Spring you can start wearing right now.

A new week has started, which means it is time to go shopping!  But what to buy? Oh, the eternal question. Don’t worry that is why I am here for.  To make your shopping a little bit easier and help you find what it is new in fashion and what to buy every week. Here is a selection straight from the New In section of some of my favorite stores and e-commerce on what to buy this week.

Now that Spring is actually starting to Sprung or at least trying. It is time to go shopping and find the newest pieces to add to your Spring wardrobe. This week selection is all about dresses for Spring. Because who doesn’t need another dress? Long, short, satin or knitted. A great variety of them to choose from. Perfect for the sunny Sprign

I personally feel like I don’t wear enough dresses. Normally when I do not know what to wear, I just throw in a pair of jeans and a sweater or a blouse and I am good to go. But one of my new year’s resolution was to wear more dresses and fewer jeans. Especially during Spring and Summer. Care to join me? If you do, you are going to love this week fashion finds. Expect lots of dresses for Spring you can start wearing right away.

If you want to find out how you can start wearing these dresses or skirts right away even if the weather is not very warm yet. Check how to style a midi Satin skirt in Spring.

Last week Fashion wishlist evolved around the idea of creating a minimalist wardrobe. On the contrary, this week is all about updating your work wardrobe with dresses and skirts. Say goodbye to the pants and welcome back the dresses and skirts.

Here is this week selection of some of my favorite finds.

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