The Weekly Fashionista Wishlist

The Weekly Fashionista Wishlist

What to Buy this week

A curated list of 16 fashion finds fresh from the New In Section. This week is all about neutral tones to embrace the new month

A new week has started, which means it is time to go shopping!  But what to buy? Oh, the eternal question. Don’t worry that is why I am here for.  To make your shopping a little bit easier and help you find what it is new in fashion and what to buy every week. Here is a selection straight from the New In section of some of my favorite stores and e-commerce on what to buy this week.

A new month has started so it is time to go shopping and find the newest pieces to add to your wardrobe. If you havent noticed yet beige and neutral tones are a big trend this year. So, if you love wearing earth tones this is the time to do it.

Last week Fashion wishlist was all about colors and prints. On the contrary, this week is all about embracing the minimalistic vibe. Lots of beige and tan tones with some navy and a little bit of color. And gold accessories. You can never go wrong with neutral tones, plus they are super easy to combine. These 16 fashion finds are just perfect for the Spring.

So, here is this week fashion wishlist

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