How to wear statement pants


I’m really excited Spring is finally here, although this week the weather has been kind of crazy, snow, rain, sun… I love Spring because you can play so much with outfits, textures, and colors you can make a lot of different combinations.

Today I’m sharing with you one of my last week outfits, I really like how much fun these pants are, the fringes on the sides make them just perfect for any occasion from day to night. I also have kind of an obsession with pyjama style blouses, I think they´re really comfy but always give you that touch only silk can give you.  The combination if this pants with the silk blouse is a great outfit for your daily basis. I wore it with a pair of heels but you can combine it also with a pair of mules or slippers and it would look great!

I don´t know what it is but this weather makes me just want to have more fun with my clothes, I like to add a little bit of color always to my outfits because if not they are kind of boring. This time I added a bright color blouse but sometimes you can add some color by choosing a colorful bag or a pair of shoes, or even a necklace or a pair of earrings can add that touch.

Just play with your clothes and have fun creating new combos!



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