Check Plaid Gingham


The gingham pattern has become one of the biggest trends this season. We saw it in last fashion month: New York, Paris, and Milan plus it has had a huge impact on the street runway.

I have to confess I really like this pattern, I don’t know why but it reminds me of my childhood. I guess I use to wear it a lot when I was younger. The good thing about this pattern is that it is really easy to combine, a pair of black jeans and a gingham pattern blouse is the perfect combo for daily errands.

But if you want to risk things a little bit more, and like playing with patterns, sizes, and colors. Try mixing different types of gingham patterns, with different colors and sizes. Don’t forget to always keep it in the same gamma color.

Today’s look is all about gingham pattern. I kind of like mixing colors and textures give them my personal touch and make them more colorful.

Velvet is another of the trends you’re going to see everywhere this winter. I like adding some of it to my outfits because I have to confess I’m kind of a velvet lover. These burgundy boots are all I’m gonna be wearing this winter. they combine with pretty much every outfit and there are so comfortable I can’t get enough of them.

Blue and burgundy are two of my favorite colors for winter. So when I’m not wearing black or grey, I’m definitely wearing one of these two colors or both of them. Because you can wear color during winter, not just shades of black.

Give it a try, combine your favorite colors this winter and you will find out great combos that you never thought you would be wearing.


Gingham + boots