How to wear Gingham: The summer pattern

Gingham for the Summer

A couple of weeks ago I told you how Gingham was becoming a big trend this summer. Well, today I´m showing you one of my favorite gingham looks.

I love everything about this Zara gingham skort, is just perfect for those summer warm days. The good thing about gingham pattern is that is pretty easy to combine. It looks good with stripes or dots, but for this look, I decided to keep it simple and combine it with a white blouse. I found this blouse a couple of seasons ago, I like how even though is a white blouse it has a lot of details that make it perfect.

Currently, I’m obsessed with raffia bags. But this one is my favorite one. You have probably seen them all around Instagram because they’re becoming a huge trend this summer. So if you don’t have one yet, you should definitely get one because is gonna be a hit this summer. Here is a list of my top favorite raffia bags.

The same thing is happening with the 90s look alike sunglasses. As I showed you last Monday this small vintage sunglasses are becoming a hit, and it seems like is going to stay for a while.

Don’t forget to have some fun when trying different patterns and colors. It looks hard but its actually easier than it seems. Stripes and gingham are a great combo too. So if you want to risk it a little bit try combining different patterns under the same color scheme and you will create a perfect outfit.

I think Gingham pattern is one of my favorite patterns, especially for the summer. You can find dresses, skirts, shorts and even shoes with this pattern.

So go ahead and give this pattern a try! You will love it as much as I do.








retro sunglasses


raffia bag


retro sunglasses

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