Glass Hair Trend a.k.a Ultra Straight Hair

Glass Hair. You either Love it or Hate it

Ultra Straight Hair? Yes Please

Super Soft, Shiny and ultra straight hair with movement? Yes, it is called Glass Hair and it is a big hair trend. I know what you are thinking. What is Glass hair and please tell me more on how I can get it.

Glass hair became a huge trend this Summer thanks to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid or Ashley Graham who rocked the Ultra straight Bob and made every woman desired it. Shiny, soft and straight hair are probably the favorite triple S in a girls vocabulary. But how can you avoid frizzy hair, spread out cuticles? With these tips you will be able to recreate this trend at home whenever you want.

glass hair
glass hair

Say goodbye to beach waves and soft curls. Because ultra straight hair is the biggest trend everybody is loving. Let’s be real. Who hasn’t iron their hair at least once in their lifetime and never got that “silky” look they were looking for? It always seems like it is super easy. You just flat iron your hair and your hair will look fantastic. Well, no. In fact, it is a little bit more elaborated than that. But really achievable and won’t take you much time.

glass hair
glass hair

Craving the ultra straight hair? Before diving in let me point out that it is really important you take good care of your hair, otherwise it will be almost impossible to get the Glass hair look. So if you have split ends I recommend you chop them. Dont be afraid, Bobs are really on trend this season and actually are the perfect length for the Glass hair look.

glass hair

With this pointed out. Let’s dive in on how to achieve the Glass Hair look everyone is obsessed with. It is actually easier than it seems, with a couple of tricks and hair products you will be able to get this look at home.

Step 1: Use a Shampoo free or radicals, sulfates, and parabens. These ingredients will only dry out your hair and scalp which will complicate the process. If you want to learn more about Free from Shampoos. Check this new Detox Shampoo by Living Proof

Step 2: Apply a hair Styler product before blow-drying your hair while it is still wet. Color WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray works amazingly and will make it easier to get an ultra-straight hair

Step 3: Blow dry your hair. A tip is to point the dryer nozzle down. This will keep the cuticle layer flat. Always end the blow dry with cold air.

Step 4: Flat iron your hair in fine sections. The smaller the section the better. The best way to flat iron your hair is to do it with the help of a brush. So brush your hair on top of the iron for the smoothest result.

Step 5: Apply some oil or smooth serum to the ends to avoid cuticles from spreading all around. Because after Flat ironong your hair it is really common for them to spread out.

Step 6: Finish with some hair spray. But instead of spraying it all over your hair, spray it on a brush to get that glassy finish.

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