Glowing Skin Makeup Trend- Get the newest makeup trend

Glowing Skin Makeup Trend

How to achieve a glowing skin this season and look radiant

Who doesnt like a glowing skin? Sometimes it may seem like really hard to achieve but let me tell you it is easier than it seem. Are you ready for the newest makeup trend?

Far behind we leave the matte skin makeup trend we were so obsessed with a year ago. All we wanted were matte lipsticks and skins that looked flawless. This season is all about minimal, natural makeup. Embracing your own beauty. And achieving that glow that makes the skin look younger.

glowing makeup trend

Michael Kors, Ralph and Russo, Temperley London or Isabel Marant are some of the designers who embraced this glowing skin makeup trend on their latest fashion runways. Natural, simple makeup is becoming a huge trend. And I have to say I couldn’t be happier. All you need is 15 minutes max and you will be ready. If like me you don’t like wearing heavy makeup on all day (or don’t really know how to apply it) keep reading and find out how to achieve this simple look

glowing makeup trend

All you need to achieve a glowing skin is a base with a high hydration power, which is key for this makeup trend. If not it will be impossible to get the light to reflect on the skin giving it that glow. But, dont get confused with oily skin. It is not the same and sometimes can be really easy to cross that thin line and instead of getting a glowing skin you get an oily/shiny skin which is not what we are looking for.

If you want to add an extra glow to your skin on certains parts of your face you can always highlight specific areas, such as the cheekbones or nose with a good highlighter.

Now moving into the eyes. A grey-brown eyeshadow palette works perfectly with this corporate woman look we are trying to achieve. Keep it simple, add some eyeshadow and mascara and you are good to go.

glowing makeup trend
glowing makeup trend
glowing makeup trend

Lastly, the most important step in order to achieve a glowing skin makeup is the gloss. Remember it? It has been so long since the last time glosses were a trend. Well, now they are coming back in their most natural and simple version.





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