Groutfit a.k.a the All gray Outfit for work

An All gray outfit that is nothing but boring

How to wear a Groutfit a.k.a All-gray for a day at work

Need some inspiration on what to wear to work? It is time to give gray the importance it deserves with an All Gray outfit or it more proper name bring the Groutfit back to life.

all gray outfit

One of my all time favorite colors has been gray. Gray pants, gray dresses, sweaters… You name it, I own it. So it comes with no surprise how much I love wearing all gray outfits. Which I have just learned they are also referred to as Groutfit. Who knew.

The great thing about wearing a gray outfit is that it is super easy to combine with any other color and that you will always look feminine, sophisticated and chic.

Have you ever worn a groutfit? If not, it is time you give it a try. Doesnt matter what season it is, there is always a way to wear an all gray outfit.

If you want to style a gray look always keep in mind one thing. There are no right or wrong shades. I personally prefer lighter shades of gray. But that is totally up to you and what you have in your closet.

I always try to match the shades of grey I am wearing in order to create a total monochrome outfit a.k.a a groutfit. I have been really into monochrome outfits over the past months. I love how simple yet elegant they are. Plus you can never go wrong with them. So when styling an all gray outfit always look for similar shades. In order to create that illusion that you are wearing a suit.

Another thing I like to do when wearing a monochromatic outfit is to add some color either in my shoes or my bag or both of them. Sometimes I like to have some fun and add a bright color, such as pink or blue. But sometimes – especially during the day- I prefer to keep it a little bit simpler but just adding a tan pair of shoes or a nude bag. Nothing to bright but that will break with the all gray look.

If you want to find out how you can wear your classic suit from work to your day off. Check this post on how to wear a suit on your day off. I have to say I have always loved recycling my clothes and finding new ways of wearing pieces I never thought could wear. Because in an era with all we do is buy, buy ,buy it is nice sometimes to play with what you already have in your closet and create new outfits. We need to explore our creative side more, instead of buying more.

So I hope you found some inspiration on how to wear the always classic groutfit this season. If you want to see how I style my all gray outfit. Here you can find my look of the week. Wearing one of my most favorite and underestimated colors.

all gray outfit
all gray outfit
all gray outfit
all gray outfit

If you want to replicate this outfit. Or find cute gray pieces. These will come in hand.

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