Guirlande de Cartier

Guirlande de Cartier Handbag

Cartier Launches New handbag inspired in its iconic jewelry box

Say Hello to Guirlande de Cartier

Everybody knows the iconic red box which contains a girl best friend. Cartier red box has contained the dream of almost every girl. Now the brand has decided to launch their own handbag inspired in their iconic geometric Redbox. And it couldn’t be prettier and more feminine.

Enter the Guirlande de Cartier handbag. The designer handbag features a geometric form made up of 8 clean cut sides, assembled together with smooth leather in green, red or black shades. To top it all off, the handbag is adorned with a gold frieze trimming so characteristic of Cartier box. Giving the handbag a nice, regal touch.

Seems like brands are looking for different ways to expand. From collaborations with hotels to launching handbags. Every brand is now exploring new ways of showing the world what they have to offer.

The bag comes with a detachable leather strap for those days where you prefer wearing it as a cross body bag. It also comes in three different sizes. Mini, Small and Medium so you have various options to choose from depending on your taste.

guirlande de cartier
Cartiers handbag
guirlande de cartier

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