Hair Accessories you´re going to love

Get inspired by the 90s Tv Shows

Did you think the 90s were something from the past? Well, let me tell you the 90s are currently serving as serious inspiration across the fashion world, but especially in the world of accessories.

If you are a kid of the 90s or teenager of the 90s to that matter you will remember styling your hair with all kind of adornments. I grew up watching Lizzie McGuire, Sabrina, and Clueless and all her fabulous hair accessories. It has been a while since those days and for a very long time, our locks have remained simple and neglected in terms of hair accessories.
However, this winter thanks to designers that are bringing back the 90s we are seeing a huge comeback on all sorts of hair accessories, from sleek sides to headbands, pearl clips or blinged-out pins.

hair accessories
hair accessories

A trend that started last season with Simone Rocha´s pearl-encrusted clips, this time designers have given hair another major makeover with crocodile clips seen at Alexander Wang runway, embellished crystal bows, golden clips as seen on Versace and the viral trademark rhinestone clips from Ashley Williams that this time read “Error”, “Sorry”, “Heaven” and “Hell”.

hair accessories
hair accessories

Chanel upgraded the classic post-gym knot with a C slides places at the back of the bun.

There are so many ways you can wear hair accessories, you just have to get a little creative and have some fun. There is no right or wrong way to wear this trend. But if you need some inspirations you can always watch some episodes from the 90s teen shows and you try to recreate their hair game or even elevate it.

hair accessories
hair accessories

If I am being completely honest with you I have to stay I am loving this hair accessories trend. It has been a while since accessorizing the hair was a huge thing and it kind of reminds me of my childhood but now in a more sophisticated and classy way. So I am definitely going to be wearing hair accessories from now until it gets out of style. Who is with me?

So, here are some of my favorite hair accessories for this season.

Glitter Clips & Claw Clips

Hair clip from Pico Copenhagen

Blue Glitter clips from Valet Studio

Silver Faux Pearl Hair clip from Lelet NY

Claw clips from ShopBop

Stars & Moon Clips and Message Clips

Stars Hair clips from Tasha

Moon & Star Clips from Accessorize

Gunmetal-Tone Crystal hair clips from Jennifer Behr

100% Hair Clips from Ashley Williams


Pearl Clips from Accessorize

Pearl trio clips from Bauble Bar


Glitzy Hair clips from Anthropologie
Blue clip from Gina Tricot


Hair band from Pico Copenhagen

Lorelei Headband from Jennifer Behr