Top 5 Indian Hair Oils

Hair Oils for a shiny and beautiful Hair

If Indians are known for something is for their incredible hair. Shiny, soft and extra long. One could think it is all thanks to the genes but actually, they do take really good care of it. In fact, their hair is a symbol. So they make sure they take their time to take care of it.

But don’t worry you can also have a shiny, soft, long and healthy hair. Well, or at least try to if you follow the most important hair treatment Indian women follow.

The use of hair oil in India is more than just a treatment. Is a culture passed from grandmothers to granddaughters. There are a lot of brands and different oils to choose from but here is a list of the top five oils you should try.

When trying to decide which oil to buy, make sure you read carefully is properties and their ingredients. For example, Vatika classic oil will help you if you have dry hair or itchy scalp. On the other hand,  Parachute hair oil will make your hair grow faster and stronger.

Then we have Vatika Olive oil hair treatment perfect for frizzy hair or Himani Navratna, which will help you with hair loss. Be careful when using this last oil. It has a strong smell, and not everyone like it plus it has a cooling effect once applied. Some people don’t like that feeling.

I´ve been using hair oil for the past three years and I can assure you is the best hair treatment you will find! Apply it the night, before washing your hair or at least a couple of hours before washing it for better results. Don’t forget to massage your scalp while applying the oil that way it will get deep into your roots.

Hope you give it a try,

Dabur Amla


hair oil


hair oil

Himani Navratna

hair oil


hair oil

hair oil

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