How to wear the Pajama Style trend


Can you imagine wearing a pajama on the streets? Well, hello pajama trend. You´re now allowed to wear pajamas during the day light! And if you feel brave and want to risk you can try both: slippers + pajamas. Are you ready? Even though is not a trend for everybody it has been spotted on the streets at  several fashion weeks, so if you feel like taking risks go ahead and give this trend a try

By the way they´re not actual pajamas, just their street wearable twin. Zara, Mango, Prada, Sandro or for Restless Sleepers are some of the brands you can choose from when deciding to buy a pajama set. You also have blouses or trousers if you don´t feel like wearing a pajama set, but you like this trend.

There are a lot of combinations you can work with and a million different ways to make this outfit look unique!







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