How to Wear a Suit on your day off

How to wear a Suit on your day off

The Red pantsuit edition

Red pantsuit, Navy, Black, White, Beige… You pick the color that you like most. Doesn’t matter, because you are going to wear all of them on repeat. Want to know more? Find How to wear a suit in a more relaxed and comfortable way.

Do you have a suit on the back of your closet you use from time to time? Or do you wear them all the time to work, but that is it? Who said a suit is just a work attire? Trust me you can wear a suit on your day of and be that cool person you always wanted to be.

It is time to get your suit out of the closet and find out how to wear a suit on your day off.

No need for high heels or a white shirt. There is another way of wear a suit which will make it the perfect outfit for the weekend our a day of. Want to find out how? Just keep reading.

I love finding new ways of wearing clothes. I hate the idea of owning clothes that I have only worn once because it is too fancy to wear it on any occasion that is not a wedding or event. Where is the rule that stipulates when you can wear something and how you can wear it?

If fashion has taught me something, is to have fun. Play with your clothes. Find new combinations you never thought about wearing but that actually look good together. Reinvent your wardrobe.

Which is why today I wanted to share with you another way of wearing a pantsuit that doesn’t imply high heels or a shirt at all. In other words, a more relaxed and comfortable look.

Ditch your heels for sneakers and the shirt for a sweater and you will get a fashionable and chic outfit for “any” occasion. Well, not for a very elegant occasion but for a dinner, a day running errands or just walking around it is perfect.

Now what suit to choose? I personally really like oversized suits. Dont like really fitted suits because it barely leaves any room for a chunky sweater which is basically one of my favorite kind of sweaters to wear underneath a suit.

A big factor to take into account is color. You can always play it save by choosing a navy, beige, grey or black shade. But if you like wearing colors, a red pantsuit is always a great option.

A red pant suit is suitable for day to night. It combines perfect with white or black for a night event. But if you ask me, my favorite combination is red and purple or red and pink. Both of them look great together.

Dont believe me? Keep scrolling for a perfect way to wear your favorite suit on the weekend or on any day. I actually wore this red pant suit to a wedding. Which was manly why I bought it. But I like it so much I wanted to find new ways on how to wear it on a daily basis that wouldnt implied heels. And of course converse are the perfect substitute.

Let me tell you that pantsuits are a huge trend that arrived last year and it is still growing strong. So don’t miss this trend and instead find out how to wear a suit in a way that works for you.

Here is how I like to wear my red pantsuit in a more relaxed way. But if you need more inspiration on how to wear a suit. Check this post and find several ways in which you can wear suits.

Now going back to the red pantsuit. Check this outfit on how to wear a suit on your day off.

how to wear a suit
how to wear a suit
how to wear a suit
how to wear a suit
how to wear a suit

Shop my look. I couldn’t find the exact same red suit or sweater. But here are some great alternatives.

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