Living Proof Triple Detox Shampoo is going to bring your hair back to life

Living Proof Shampoo collection has added a new detox Shampoo with a very trendy ingredient

Living Proof Triple Detox Shampoo is going to bring your hair back to life

High-quality Haircare Brand Living Proof is all about helping you have a good day hair every single day, and its latest launch is no exception. Living proof just dropped a brand new Triple Detox Shampoo last week, and it’s about to make you rethink the way you wash hair. I am so excited about this new detox shampoo. Say goodbye to the itchy scalp and dull hair and hello to shiny and soft hair.

If there is a wellness trend that really resonates especially during the month of January is detox. Let’s be real if you haven’t gone into a detox diet yet, you are probably thinking about it, or you know somebody who has recommend you to go on a juice detox diet. January is the month to start new routines and try to be healthier and incorporate new routines that hopefully this time will stick. But since we are detoxifying our bodies, shouldn’t we detox our hair too?

Dont worry this doesn’t mean you need to add an extra step to your hair routine. You just have to swap your shampoo for the new Living Proof Triple Detox Shampoo on those days when you feel like your hair needs a total refresh. It is that simple.

If there is an ingredient known for detoxifying the body and banishing hangovers. At least that is what it is supposed to do. That will be activated charcoal. So, it comes with no surprise that one of the main ingredients of this new Living Proof Triple Detox Shampoo is activated charcoal. This trendy ingredient, works alongside the shampoo’s buildup-fighting agents — which alleviate hair of product residue, pollution particles, and hard water deposits — to absorb excess oil from your scalp and strands.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Can I use it on dyed hair? When should I use it? How many times a week can I apply it? Let me tell you it is really simple to use. Everybody can use it no matter if you dyed your hair, you have oily hair, dry hair, curly or straight. Everybody can benefit from it. Use it at least once a week. Frequency is based on how often you use styling products and how hard the water is in your area. Plus, it’s free of sulfates, silicones, and other icky ingredients

So what are the benefits of swapping to Living Proof´s new product? Use it once a week for a softer, shinier, more full-of-life hair, and a scalp that feels fresh, balanced and nourished. You can now shop the new Living Proof shampoo at your local Sephora store or at the Living Proof website.

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