Louboutin Slipper for Royal Mansour

Christian Louboutin x Royal Mansour

The Iconic designer Creates two exclusive pieces for Palatial Moroccan Hotel

These Louboutin slippers are a true Moroccan Dream

Have you ever gone to a trip and wanted to buy something special that will always reminded you of it? Well, now you can plan a trip to Marrakech and buy a pair of exclusive Louboutin slippers. Which will always remind you of your amazing days in Marrakech.

The iconic French Designer Christian Louboutin has collaborated with Marrakech´s Royal Mansour. To release to new babouche slippers known as “balgha” or “charbil“. Inspired by Moroccan traditional craftsmanship and Arabic architecture.

Seems like this partnership is a result of both the designer and Royal Mansour hotel passion for travel, craftsmanship, and architecture.

Louboutin slippers are inspired on the architectural details of the Royal Mansour hotel. Horseshoe arches, intricate wooden lattice, and silvery floral motifs are some of the details were you can see the influence of the Arabic architecture.

The Lady Mansour (Louboutin women slippers). Is a pointed-toe flat mule inspired by the Royal Mansour’s ornamental moucharabiehs. With an abstract mosaic pattern in a mix of gold, white and taupe tones. Creates a perfect symmetry mix between Christian Louboutins traditional atelier and Moroccan Savoir-Faire.

On the other hand, Louboutin men slippers take inspiration on Moroccan traditional sandals. Which reflect the perfect balance between formal and casual. Shaped like a classic white loafer with black suspenders. The white cotton fabric is topped with a star, which makes reference to the Moroccan flag. As well as a customized version of Christian Louboutin iconic ecusson and Royal Mansour’s own initials. Making this slippers unique and limited.

Certainly, this collaboration is a tribute to Moroccan heritage by one of the most prestigious shoemakers.

louboutin slippers for Royal Mansour
Louboutin Slippers x Royal Mansour
louboutin slippers for Royal Mansour
Louboutin Slippers x Royal Mansour

Both slippers are available through the Royal Mansour boutique exclusively. A piece of art worth the trip.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip and do not know where to go. Marrakech is a great option. But most importantly. You will be able to buy an exclusive pair of Louboutin slippers.

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