A Guide to Mallorca

Where to eat, what to visit & the best Beaches


Mallorca is the biggest island of the Balearic island. Probably the second most visited after Ibiza of course. But this island has a lot to offer to those who love paradise small beaches with turquoise water and the Mediterranean vibe you can feel all around Mallorca. Because it doesn’t matter where you go, Mallorca will always seduce you

So, if you’re planning on visiting this island this summer here is an extended and detailed guide of beaches you should definitely go to, towns that will captivate you, places to eat at and much more.

Charming Beaches

Mallorca is full of charming beaches with crystalline water. But in order to find some of the most gorgeous beaches, you may need to climb or walk for about 30 minutes in order to find them. But trust me it is so worth it.

Es Caragol is one of my favorite beaches. The access is really easy, you just have to walk around 20 minutes if what you’re looking for is a sand beach. If not you can just lay down on the rocks which have a really nice access to the water, plus you will have the beach for yourself. If you are thinking of going to this beach, I recommend getting there early in the morning. Because it doesn’t have a parking lot or anything similar, so parking can be kind of difficult.

Cala Es Llombards. Another must you have to go to while visiting this Island. Trust me it is really worth it. The great thing about this beach is that you don’t have to walk that much either so it is a win-win.

Cala Varques is probably one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, at least for me. It is like a hidden little paradise. The only inconvenience about this beach is that you have to walk around 30 to 40 minutes, from where you can park your car to the beach but it will be worth it.

And last but not least is Platja des Coll Baix. Trust me you will love this beach, thank me later. The only inconvenience about this beach is the horrible access. In order to get to this beach, you really need to climb. So wear a good pair of sneakers and be prepared to find all kind of obstacles. Another access to this beach is by boat.

Platja des Coll Baix

Captivating Small Towns

Mallorca is known not only for its beaches with turquoise water but also by its captivating, magical small towns found in the mountains. They’re an obligated stop in you’re trip to the island. Valldemossa, Deiá, and Fornalutx are three of the most charming towns in the island and a stop in each of them is more than necessary.


guide to mallorca Plus these towns sell organic, homemade products which you should at least try. Their orange and lemon marmalade are to die for.

Eating in these towns is also a great experience. Just explore a little find no touristic streets and you will find the most authentic and delicious restaurants you can think of.

Time to eat

Okay, now let’s talk about the most important thing FOOD. I know how tedious it can be to find a restaurant when vacationing in a different country and how we always tend to go to the restaurants we now more or less the food a.k.a an Italian restaurant. But, part of the culture of a country is on their food. So while you’re in the island try to find the most authentic restaurants and indulge yourself. Here is a list of my favorite restaurants on the island.

Sa Platgeta Des Mal Pas has a small restaurant on the beach which serves the best Sardines on the island and the view is just amazing

La Mirona is a small “clandestine” restaurant owned by a couple which will take you through the island gastronomy.

Los Patos in Alcudia is a very recommended restaurant by locals where the rice is a must you have to try.

Ca´n Lluc is a typical restaurant which offers Mediterranean food at a very economical price. Plus you can take a swim just after or before lunch since it is just in the middle of a beach.

Maria Salinas if you’re on the road back to Palma or just exploring the outskirts of the city this restaurant situated in a very small town is an obligated stop. A very small restaurant full of charm her owner Maria reinvents the classic cuisine and adds her unique touch to it.

It is one of those places you won’t regret going to. And while you’re there explore the small town of Mancor del Vall.

For those who are vegan or vegetarians mark Bellaverde as a must stop in your guide. Great food in a charming town.

guide to mallorca