Minimal Style: Achieving an effortless style

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Minimal Style

Achieving an effortless style

Minimal, effortless style is always a win-win combination. You can never go wrong with a simple and elegant outfit. Take the French or the Italians both master this kind of outfits and are known for being the most elegant people in the world.

So if the French and Italians do it why don’t we all do it? It is easy, simple plus must of the time you just have to use the basics on your closet which will save you lots of time and money.

Total black outfits or total white outfits are always a safe choice. That always looks great and you can wear them no matter what season it is. I’m back the city, and every time I come back I kind of like wearing simple yet elegant outfits. I’ve always been a fan of minimal, effortless outfits. I like keeping things simple and let the accessories be the ones getting all the attention. That is why this week I wanted to show you one of my favorite minimal outfits and one of my basics in my wardrobe.

When trying to achieve a minimal style remember these outfits are all about keeping things natural and simple. So colors such as, white, grey, beige or black are always a great choice. Another thing to keep in mind is if you want to add some color to your outfit go for soft palettes. Light pink or blue. Red or green is also a great duo if you’re looking for an extra touch of color in your outfit.

One of, my favorite combinations is white and blue. Since my skin is very light colors like light blue or light pink look really good on me. Maybe that is why I always lean towards them. Another combination I love is light pink pants and a white light sweater.

With this kind of outfits accessories are everything. That is the moment where you can have more fun and be more creative. A statement piece of jewelry like a very colorful necklace or earrings is a great accessory for a minimal outfit. Shoes and bags are also great accessories to play with.

Minimal outfits give you the option of having more fun with the accessories which means you can wear the same outfit several days by only changing the accessories making it look like a totally different look.

The great thing about a minimal style is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothes to have an amazing wardrobe you just have to invest in good quality basics you can wear all the time and the rest spend it on accessories.

To sum up. If you’re trying to achieve a minimal effortless style you need to be very practical. It has to seem like you achieved your look by accident. Also, choose quality classic items and lastly never over style it. Matching shoes to bags and phone cases are just the opposite to a minimal outfit. Always remember less is more when going for a minimal look.

Here are some pictures of my minimal outfit for this week. Hope you enjoy it!

minimal style

minimal style

minimal style

minimal style

minimal style

minimal style

minimal style

minimal style

minimal style



Outfit details

Top: Uniqlo

Pants: Uniqlo

Bag: Uterqüe

Shoes: Uterqüe


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