Neon Trend – New Year New Trend to Try Out

Neon Trend

Let go Neon, Neon & Neon this season

Be ready to get dressed like a big trendy highlighter pen. Yes, neon colors are going to be a huge trend this season. So, get ready to be obsessed with the neon craze.

You may think this neon trend started on last season runways, but actually started quite some time ago when the Kardashians started wearing really tied neon dresses and bike shorts. After that, the runways were packed with neon colors. From Rochas or Dries van Noten to Fendi, Prada or Versace. Almost every designer was on board with the newest trend that will rule this year.

neon trend
neon trend

I know wearing neon colors can be very tricky. Not everybody likes them and not everybody looks good on them. But there is always a solution. You can always add some neon touches by wearing a neon pink scarf, or a neon green belt or if you want to take a little risk you can add a neon blue bag to a very minimalist outfit.

neon trend
House of Holland
neon trend
Dries Van Noten

There are plenty of ways to wear this trend this year. You just have to find the one you are most comfortable with.

Neon Green Trousers

If you really like neon colors these trousers are a must. You will probably need sunglasses to look straight to them. This pants are the best definition of the neon trend. Keep it casual with a grey oversized jumper and a pair of sneakers. This is the perfect look for a Sunday stroll around the city

neon trend- green pants

Grey Sweater from Stories,
Green Neon Trousers from Topshop
Sneakers from Alexander McQueen

Pink Fever

For those who love wearing pink, why not take it to the next level? Wear all shades of pink but don’t forget to add a neon pink shade to your outfit. This way you will be rocking the neon trend this season. Cool, feminine and seriously super stylish.

neon trend pink

Pink Neon Sweater from Zara
Pink Skirt from Mango
Pink Shoes from Prada
Pink Neon Bag from Prada

All Black with a Neon Touch

Not everybody is on board with the neon trend. It actually can be really tricky to wear these super bright colors sometimes. Especially when you are not a big fan of bright colors. Which is why adding some neon touches can be the solution. You can still wear all black, grey or white shades and incorporate a neon bag or belt.

neon trend orange

Faux Fur coat from Zara
Black Caftan Dress from Arket
Black Boots from Sandro
White bag from Regina Pyo
Orange Neon Belt from Tibi

Purple Moment

Yes, purple can also be neon. You may have noticed how this past year purple became a big trend. If not just see how many purple things you can find in a store. I have never been a big fan of this color but I have to admit it has been growing on me the past months and in small doses, I do like it. Specifically, I like the combo of white and purple, especially during winter. Is there such a thing as wearing too much whites? Because if there is I have to say I’m an addict. But, it is actually the best color to wear in winter, specially on a cloudy day.

neon trend purple

Purple Sweater from Tibi
White Skirt from Maje
Off-white coat from Massimo Dutti
Snake Boots from Schutz

Blue Satin Dress for Day to Night

Last but not least we have a Dress that I am really in love with. It is long, satin and blue. What is not to love about it? For a day outfit, a pair of neon yellow sunglasses is the perfect accessory. Add a White coat for the night, which suits perfectly with this dress. A pair of white artistic ankle boots and you’ve got the perfect outfit to go from day to night. Seriously, what is not to love about this look? Let’s wear more white and less black during winter.

neon trend blue

White coat from Ganni via My Theresa
Neon Blue Dress from Arket
Yellow Neon Sunglasses from Celine
White Boots from Uterqüe

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