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The Neon Trend

Sunglasses on, because this trend is going to shine


I’m a very neutral kind of girl. I love wearing whites, beiges, blacks, greys, or very soft colors. But after seeing Blake Lively rock a green neon Versace suit, as well as, Kim Kardashian and her Green hair. I have to admit I’m actually thinking about trying on the neon trend. Which will for sure dominate this coming fall.

neon trend

neon trend

Designers like Versace, Moschino or Prada are already on board with this neon trend. But they’re not the only ones. Street brands such as Zara and Topshop are also on board with it. So if all of them are on board shouldn’t we give it a try?

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen this kind of chromatic palette make it into the high fashion. Which, for those who love neon colors is a very good news. And for those who don’t like it so much, don’t worry there are ways you can wear it too.

Shoes, belts, and bags are some of the neon accessories you can add to your fall outfits if you want to be on board with this trend but don’t feel like wearing something neon.

neon trend

Revolve Shoes

neon trend

Tibi Belt

neon trend

Stella McCartney Bag

neon trend

Yeezy Shoes

For those who like taking risks and love wearing very bright colors. Here are some of my favorite neon pieces. I know this neon trend may seem like it is only for those with a big personality because admit it who is going to wear a whole neon suit? But it shouldn’t be like that. You can always combine it with whites, blacks or navy colors that way it won’t be so shiny and you will probably feel more comfortable.

Put your sunglasses on because this trend is about to shine.


neon trend


neon trend


neon trend

Tibineon trend

H&M Sweaterneon trend

H&M Dress

neon trend

Zadig Et Voltaireneon trend

Zadig Et Voltaire

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