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Olaplex: Prevent Damage, Repair Hair

The new Treatment for better hair.

Olaplex is going to revolutionize the way your hair looks and feel after dying it. Are you scared of bleaching your hair because it will end up dry, freeze and with split ends? This is the hair treatment you should ask for next time you go to your hair salon appointment

Olaplex? What is that?

Olaplex is a new hair treatment capable of repairing and protecting even the most damaged hair.

We all know what happens when you have a bad decoloration and how hard it is to get your hair repair and shiny again.

So how does this hair treatment really works?

Olaplex is a 3 steps treatments.

Step 1 &2 are applied at the hair salon. The product includes a patented active ingredient that works in the molecular field of the hair. Basically, it is an additive which gets rid of the wrong reaction sulfides have with the oxygen which causes the break of the hair.

Step 3 is an at-home post-treatment.

Things you should know about Olaplex

It is not the typical protein or conditioner treatment. It actually reconstructs the hair structure making it stronger and giving it a resetting effect.


Arent, you convinced yet?

I know it can be hard to believe there exists a treatment that will allow you to finally get that blond look you’re dying to get without risking the health of your hair. But look at Kim Kardashian’s hair. How did she go from dark black to white repair overnight without risking the health of her hair? The answer is Olaplex. She is probably if not the first one at least the most famous person to have used this treatment when considering bleaching her hair.

And the great thing is, that now you can also use it. Plus is not as expensive as it sounds. I had hair treatments that were much more expensive than Olaplex and didn’t work as well as this one does.

I hope I have convinced you to at least ask your hair salon about this new hair treatment before dying your hair.

P.S. It hasn’t been tested in animals and it is free of parabens and sulfites. What else could you ask for?