Paper Bag Waist Pants

 The Paper Bag Waist Shopping Guide

Who said leggings were the new pants? Paper bag pants are the coolest, newest trend. (I guess there called that because they remind of a squeezed paper bag). We’ve seen waists go up and down with each season. But this trend is bringing back the high waist with a twist. Paper bag waist pants enhance figures making silhouettes look longer and thinner

The paper bag waist trousers are becoming a must this summer. So if you’re of those people who like wearing trousers during the summer, you must give this paper bag waist a try.

Normally these trousers are worn with a shirt tuck in, which accentuates the waist. But this season, this paper bag waist trousers are being combined with another huge trend. The crop top. This combination allows you to show just the right amount of skin, which makes it a little bit more wearable.

Cargo and khaki pants are seeing their way back, but nothing similar to the gang – baggy 90´s style. This year we will find a totally new version of this pants. Pleated waists or ankle length are some of the changes we can find in the new more feminine silhouette pants. Now we can leave behind those baggy multi pockets trousers which made no good.

You can find a lot of varieties of these trousers, but skinny and crop are to of the major trends this year so when shopping for a pair of paper bag waists keep this in mind!

Here is a shopping guide with some of my favorite paper bag waist pants. From Zara to Farfetch the list has some of the cutest, most wearable pants you can find for this summer that will make you a total fashionista




paper bag pants paper bag trousers paper bag trousers paper bag pants

paper bag trousers paper bag pants paper bag pants

paper bag trousers

paper bag trousers

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