Les Petits Plaisirs

June Edition

A new month has started and with it, my list of 10 things to do this month. I decided to every month try to do 10 things that I have been wanting to do for a long time but I don’t do because I don’t have the time or simply don’t make the time for them. So here is my list for this month

  1. Plan a trip with my cousins to Mallorca, explore the most amazing beaches and enjoy a late breakfast at the Maricel Hotel while relaxing with the most amazing viewLes Petits Plaisirs - June Edition 1
  2. Buy a swimsuit from one of my favorite french shops. YSE Lingerie and pretend I’m a french girl.Les Petits Plaisirs - June Edition 2
  3. Buy the summer shoes. Without a doubt, Loeffler Randall makes the most gorgeous summer shoesLes Petits Plaisirs - June Edition 3
  4. Light up a candle and enjoy some quality me time. I love the White Company Seychelle Candle. It makes me feel like I’m in the middle of the ocean when I’m actually stuck in the cityLes Petits Plaisirs - June Edition 4
  5. Try the face mask every celebrity swears by. Summer Friday’s mask is going to be my go-to beauty product this summer while trying to recover my skin from the sun, jet lag, and puffinessLes Petits Plaisirs - June Edition 5
  6. Start reading my long list of books to read this summer. I’m really excited to start reading Kintsugi Wellness: The Japanese Art of nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit and learn a little bit more about self-care and all Japanese wisdom.Les Petits Plaisirs - June Edition 6
  7. Take a road trip with my friends to Portugal and stay at Vila Joya, relax and enjoy some time with my friends.Les Petits Plaisirs - June Edition 7
  8. Take a cooking class and learn how to make sourdough bread
  9. Listen to Kodalines albums on repeat until a learn their songs before the concertLes Petits Plaisirs - June Edition 8
  10. Invest in unusual pearl earrings, to wear every day this summer. Beck Jewels makes the most amazing and sophisticated jewelry pieces, and these mismatched set of earrings are becoming my new obsession.Les Petits Plaisirs - June Edition 9