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Places to eat in Rome like a real Italian

Best Non-touristy restaurants

I gotta say I love this city. All the history it has, all the beautiful corners everywhere you look at. I can say it is probably my favorite city. Plus having had the pleasure of being able to explore it during Christmas time makes it even more magical.

Even though it was super cold and it rained like there was no tomorrow. It was still breathtaking. The only thing that probably makes this city kind of difficult to be alone and just explore, is the fact that it is always packed with tourist. So as you can imagine finding a place where to eat with authentic Italian menus and people can be tedious sometimes.

Eating in one of the most amazing cities in the world doesn’t have to be so complicated right? Besides Italian food is always incredible, but if you are looking for some cute places that make your trip to Rome even more special. Here is my food tour around Rome


This cute restaurant is just a couple of miles from the Spanish steps. Its owner is the sweetest guy which will happily recommend to you what to eat.

rome , eat

rome , eat

La Ciambella

Right in the center of Rome, next to the pantheon you can find this little gem. Great food and wine are what makes this restaurant the ultimate place to go in Rome. If you want to try something different and are looking for a slow food restaurant, this is definitely the place.

rome , eat

La Casetta a Monti

Probably the cutest cafeteria in Rome. If you are looking for a place where to grab a bite or simply have a coffee this is the place to go.

rome , eat

Carlo Menta

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend much money on your trip, but love a good Italian dish. This is the place to go to. Affordable and really good quality this restaurant situated in the Trastevere neighborhood will allow you to try all the typical Italian dishes without spending a huge amount.

rome , eat

Da Baffeto

You can’t leave Rome without having a pizza at one of the probably best places in Rome (you will see a lot of tourists here) but also a lot of Italians. The pizzas in this place are just perfect. Trust me you have to try them. It is very common to find a big line outside the restaurant, but the good thing is it moves really fast. So be patient

rome , eat

Let me know what are your recommendations for eating in your favorite city

P.S. All these places have vegan options!

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