How to mix and match Polka Dots

Polka Dots

You can´t have a bad day in polka dots, which is why todays look is all about polka dots. When combining dots, you have to be careful because you could end up looking like a big dot.

When deciding to mix different dots always remember to try to combine different colors, for example if youre wearing a white shirt with black dots then look for a skirt or pants that are just the opposite or which dots are bigger than the ones in your shirt. Never look for the exact same thing because those kind of combinations never look good.

When combining dots or stripes you have to be really careful and make sure the different patterns look good together. It is very important you choose wisely. So look carefully at the patterns, how big they are if the colors match  and if it does then you´re good to go.

Since all the attention is on the outfit, it is better if you combine it with some color. That way you drive some attention to the accessories which balance all the dots

This cute little Celine bag is just outstanding. The perfect accessory for almost any outfit, its blue color makes it really easy to combine. Just take a look at how well it matches with this polka dots outfit. I like adding some color touches to my outfits, I normally do this by wearing colorful bags or shoes.




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