Live in purple

New Year, New Trends.

Now that Christmas is officially over is time to start thinking about the good weather and what is going to bring us.

Lots of new trends are about to come. But this week I’m sharing with you one that is particularly growing in me. I’ve never been a huge fan of purple/violet but I have to admit that I’m kind of starting to like it.

Be ready to see this violet/purple color everywhere this coming season because it will mark your summer wardrobe.

This is a color that causes a lot of debate you either love it or hate. So if you are one of those who doesn’t really like this color I have to tell you, you should give this color another chance because is a color that looks amazing on every skin tone. Dark, Super light, Red hair, Blonde Hair or dark hair. It doesn’t matter, you will never go wrong with this color.

I know is a risky color and can be hard to combine sometimes, but trust me you won’t regret adding this trend to your life this season. Because purple is the new black.

Here are my top purple garments for this new season. From sweaters to dresses or even shoes. You can find a wide variety of pieces to choose from.