How to style a denim Overall

Throw something on and go

Overalls are the one and done solution for those days in which you just want to throw something on and go. Simple, casual and easy style for every day. An update of the original denim. Overalls are the perfect solution for those lazy days we all have. Depending on the way to combine it you can go for a more casual style or a more dress up look.

High heels, mules, sneakers the combination are infinite. It doesn´t matter with what you decide to wear it because you will always look good in overalls.

Today’s look is center in this piece. I combined it with a pair of high heels and a blue kind of “boyish” shirt to keep the look casual and comfy. Just add some accessories like a pair of earrings or a cool bag and your look will be breathtaking. I found this earring in a cool vintage shop, if you look closely at them you will see that they´re Greek coins from before the euro!

Those small things are what make outfits so special, I love finding out vintage places and learn about the pieces they have, wear they found them or who it belong to.


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