Satin Skirt: How to Style it

Satin Skirt: How to style it

Satin Midi Skirts can be worn all year round

If you think satin skirts are only for Summer or a night event. Let me tell you there are so many ways to wear your favorite satin skirt when it is not that warm. Want to find out how to style it?

satin skirt

Do you have a satin skirt hang in on your closet but dont know how to style it? Or you always combine it the same way and need some inspiration on finding new ways to wear your favorite satin skirt?

Dont worry you are not alone. Sometimes we get stocked with a combo we like and dont explore new combinations. But, let me tell you satin skirts are the perfect garnment to play with. Actually, everything that is satin opens infinite combinations.

If you havent noticed yet. Let me tell you I am obsessed with Satin. Dont know why but this fabric is growing in me more and more everyday. So easy to style plus it totally upgrades any outfit making it look more sophisticated and feminine. Dont think so? Keep reading and find out how to style a satin skirt .

Try wearing it with a satin shirt for a total satin look. Which is perfect for a night event or a summer night, just drop some golden accessories and you are ready to go. But, since it is not quite warm yet this combo is not the best solution for Spring. Instead, wear your satin midi skirt with a sweater for an outfit you can wear from day to night!

satin skirt
satin skirt

One of my favorite things to wear in Spring and  Autumn is a mix of summer pieces with more cozy and warm pieces. For example a knit sweater with a summer dress or a cable knitted sweater and pants with sandals. There is something about mixing pieces from different seasons that really makes me happy.

satin skirt

Another thing that I am really into these days are monochrome outfits. Don’t ask me why, but there is something very calming and smoothing on wearing monochrome outfits. So I try to wear the same or at least very similar shades of colors. If you haven’t given try yet you should definitely do it. If you like wearing gray or what they call a Groutfit – yes that is a real word- Find out how to style it. Plus Spring is the best season to wear monochrome outfits especially “baby” shades of them.

This Polka dots satin midi skirt is my newest obsession. And I have been wearing it on repeat since I bought it. But since it is not that warm outside the best way to style it is with a pair of boots and of course an almost the same shade sweater. I like adding some color – tan in this case- when wearing monochrome outfits.

satin skirt
satin skirt

Here are the details on my look. Couldn’t find the exact same items but I found some really good options.

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