This month I’m all about taking care of my body and mind. I like to at least every couple of months try something new, learn something that will nurture my mind. And I decided July is going to be the month for it.

We live at such a high speed that sometimes we forget to make time for the little things. The things that are really important. Which is why I decided July is going to be all about learning and taking care of myself. Say yes to self-care!

So here is the July edition of want I’m planning on doing to take care of myself

  1. Learn about the Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga and how every movement moves a specific muscle and how to use this when trying to recover from an injury

2. Start reading one of the books on my list. When life gives you Lululemon’s has so many great reviews. I’m so looking forward to reading it

3. Buy one of the most famous and best kept secret hand cream used by Portuguese women

4. Try out Kora Organics Turmeric Mask

5. Try out the podcast app on my phone, and learn French while I’m driving. Getting stuck in traffic is going to be so much interesting

6. Rewatch all the classic movies in a rooftop summer cinema

self care

8. Start using a retinol serum this summer. I think it is time to start taking care of my skin and I’ve read so many great reviews about this Skin Ceuticals retinol serum that I’m going to try it.

9. Plan a picnic with friends far away from the city where the air is fresh and pure. It is the perfect excuse to buy a John Lewis picnic basket10. Try out all the Korean Skincare masks and try to get the flawless and glowing skin all Korean girls have.