Shoe Trends in 2019

If you Love pretty things, then you will love these Shoe Trends

Shoes are a girl best friends. It doesnt matter how you feel about your body shoes will always fit right? Shoes can and will boost your mood on a day where you are not feeling really well.

I know shoes are one of my biggest weakness and I bet I am not the only who feels this way.

Now that Spring is just around the corner it is time to talk about the newest shoe Trends that we are going to love wearing this 2019.

Dont worry kitten heels and low heels are still on trend so if you dont like wearing high heels and rather wear sneakers or flats there are still alternatives.

Mary Jane Shoes

We saw them at Chanel runway so of course, they were going to become a big shoe trend this 2019. Mary Jane Shoes are having a big success this season and the great thing about them is that you can wear them right now no matter what the weather is.

Strappy Sandals

Last Summer The Row sandals became a major instagram Shoe Trend. Everybody was wearing them. Then Zara launched a more economic version of them which of course went viral too. If you werent able to get your hands on one of these shoes. No problem because they are here to stay so expect more of them and more variety.

Squared toe Sandals

If a brand can create a trend on instagram then for sure it will become a fashion trend. This is the case of By Far Squared toe Sandals last Summer. So as you can imagine it is now a big Trend this 2019. If you like clean geometrical cuts. Well, this sandals are the perfect match for you.

Pointed Mules

One of my favorite Shoe Trends of 2019 are pointed mules. I have always loved mules so the fact that they are still on trend makes me really happy. If you have a pair great. You can wear them this year and be so in style. If you dont but will love to get on board with this trend here are some of my favorite ones.

Ballet Pumps

The always classic Ballet Pumps. Who doesnt own at least one pair of them. For a long time they have been out of style, but thankfully they are back for good. This Shoe Trend is probably the most comfortable of all.

Slides with a low heel

Wearing high heels all the time can be really painful. The best alternative is a low heel slides. The perfect accessory for a Spring/Summer look. Plus your feet will really thank you for it.


Looks like the 80s and its platforms are making a comeback. Leave aside those killing high heels without any platform. Instead, wear super high heels platforms. More comfortable and still super high.

Glitter Shoes

For those nights or days where you are feeling a little bit extra. Glitter shoes are going to be the center of the dance floor. Perfect for a night out or a dinner date. For those who ldont like playing under the rules wear them during the day for an extra spark.