The Sheer Knits Trend

If you are looking for the most popular Spring 2019 trend… Here it is.

Netting or sheer knits became a huge NYFW trend and it is now on the streets.

It is time to “bare” it all.

Sheer Sheer Sheer Knits 1

You probably think there is no way you are going to wear this trend. Because lets be honest when would you wear a sheer knit dress? And what do you put underneath?

The most seen combination is probably a nude or black body and a netting dress. But nobody on their right mind is going to wear this combo, at least not on the daily basis.

The only moment you will probably wear something like this it would be if you are going to the beach.

Which is why I wanted to tell you there are so many other great options on how to wear this Spring 2019 trend that dont imply wearing a body. Netting dresses or sheer knits can be added to outfits to add some texture. There is no actual need of baring it all.

Added on top of an all black look – black top and black pants- and you will have a great look for a night out or a cocktail. During the day wear it on top of a dress or of a pair of jeans (here is my favorite jean trend right now) and a white tee.

It can be kind of hard to imagine how to wear a netting dress. But hopefully, these pieces will inspire you.

Sheer Sheer Sheer Knits 10
Sheer Sheer Sheer Knits 11
Sheer Sheer Sheer Knits 12