Yellow – The ne Color of Spring

Update your Spring Outfits by adding Yellow

Marigold Yellow is a big trend this Spring.

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Maybe it is because Yellow contrary to other colors such as blue or pink demands attention, it is a real eye-catcher, a statement-maker, a head-turner. Which sometimes feels like a lot of pressure. Or the fact that I never found the right shade that worked with my skin tone. But the truth is that yellow and I have never workout well.

I never thought I would be saying this but I am loving yellow at the moment. Yellow has never been a color I really felt identified with. Didn’t think I look good in it. But this season after seeing it everywhere I decided to give it a try. And I have to say it is growing in me. Especially this marigold yellow shade, which totally looks great on everyone.

Fashion has spoken and it is as bright as the sun. Yes, yellow is the color of spring in case you had any doubt. Soft yellow, mustard, neon yellow and marigold yellow are the shades of yellow to wear on your next spring outfits.

I am getting really excited about wearing yellow this spring. So, here are some of my favorite pieces to create spring outfits and rock this color.

Either way the truth is that this Spring I am loving Marigold Yellow. Yes, indeed.

What a better time to wear yellow than Spring? There is no need to wear a total yellow outfit. Unless you are wearing a light yellow shade. Then it is more than okay. If not just add small touches of yellow to create the perfect spring look. Mix and match and find new ways to wear it. White and Yellow, Navy and Yellow or Baby Blue and baby yellow are some of my favorite combinations.

Another of my biggest obsessions this Spring are satin skirts. I have always had a thing for satin but this Spring I am taking it to the next level and wearing it all day long. From day to night. What can I say, when I like something I wear it on repeat.

Ready to give yellow a try on your next spring look?

spring outfits
spring outfits
spring outfits