The Mallorca Edit

The Mallorca Edit

Summer in Mallorca

A Beautiful island full of charm with a lot to offer

The Mallorca Edit 1

The Mallorca Edit is all about the Mediterranean vibe of the island. This place is as idyllic as you thought it was. The most wonderful place to spend the summer.

If there is a place I love going to that is Mallorca. Love the food, the weather and the most important thing its beaches. It is the exact definition of Mediterranean Life. Summer in Mallorca is the best way to spend your Summer holidays.

There is something about this island that makes it really very special. Take it from someone who has been to all of the Balearic Islands. Yes, Formentera and Menorca are also very nice. Probably more isolated but with great beaches too. Ibiza is more for the kind of people who really like going out and partying. Me, I am more of the relax and chill kind of girl and Mallorca never disappoints.

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This Mallorca edit is probably going to make you crave the island and want to book a flight straight up. If this is the case then great this post really served its purpose.

Another of my favorite cities that its a must not only during Summer but at any time of the year is, Lisbon. Fell in love with it the first time I went and still do every time I go back.

Full of charm Mallorca has a lot to offer to everybody. From amazing towns in the mountains, Valldemossa, Deiá, and Fornalutx are three of the most charming towns on the island and a stop in each of them are more than necessary.  Where you can find homegrown organic fruits and vegetables to fresh orange and lemon marmalade sold in the backyards of some of these houses. I can assure it is the most idyllic situation.

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There is absolutely nothing to complain about this Island. Well, maybe one thing. In Summer it is packed with tourist, but you can always find ideally beaches with almost nobody to disturb you. You will just need to walk for a while but trust me it is really worth it. Sometimes the best beaches are not the ones with white sand but rather big rocks where the water is real crystal.

summer in mallorca

I can’t go a Summer without going to this amazing Island and after this post, you will probably won’t be able either. Summer in Mallorca is and always will be the best Summer.

Okay, now let’s talk about the most important thing FOOD. Part of the culture of a country is in their food. So while you’re on the island try to find the most authentic restaurants and indulge yourself. Here is a list of my favorite restaurants on Mallorca.

summer in mallorca

Sa Platgeta Des Mal Pas has a small restaurant on the beach which serves the best Sardines on the island and the view is just amazing

La Mirona is a small “clandestine” restaurant owned by a couple which will take you through the island gastronomy.

Los Patos in Alcudia is a very recommended restaurant by locals where the rice is a must you have to try.

Ca´n Lluc is a typical restaurant which offers Mediterranean food at a very economical price. Plus you can take a swim just after or before lunch since it is just in the middle of a beach.

Maria Salinas if you’re on the road back to Palma or just exploring the outskirts of the city this restaurant situated in a very small town is an obligated stop. A very small restaurant full of charm her owner Maria reinvents the classic cuisine and adds her unique touch to it.

It is one of those places you won’t regret going to. And while you’re there explore the small town of Mancor del Vall.

For those who are vegan or vegetarians mark Bellaverde as a must stop in your guide. Great food in a charming town.

Summer in Mallorca is without a doubt a must every year. There is no summer with a Mallorca edit.

summer in mallorca

summer in mallorca

mallorca edit

summer in mallorca


mallorca edit

summer in mallorca

summer in mallorca

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