Summer Shoes 2019: The Essentials for this Summer

summer shoes

Summer Shoes 2019

Beat the heat in style with these summer shoes

A pair of sandals for every occasion

It is safe to say Summer is here. Temperatures are finally rising which got me daydreaming about all the shoes I need for the Summer.

For too long I have found myself drooling through the new in section of some of my favorite stores and thinking about the potential pedicure colors that will match those cute sandals. But finally, I can get my hands on some of my favorite summer shoes.

I love how this summer kitten and mid heels are the biggest trends. No need to wear super high heels – unless they’re platforms- this summer. Minimalist sandals, comfortable sandals, platforms and laced up sandals are some of the major shoe trends you will see this season.

If like me you are loving this weather but sometimes do not know what to wear. Check this weird combo but that actually is very stylish. Yes, wearing a dress over pants is a weird yet chic combo.

To celebrate the arrival of the good weather, longer days and warmer nights here is a selection of some of my favorite summer shoes 2019.

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