Bring Your Hair Back to Life After Summer

8 Tips To Get Shinier and Healthier Hair


Sadly Summer is already over. Which means it is time to go back to our routine. After these months of beach, pools, and sun we normally forget to take care of our hair and because of it, one day you wake up with super dry, damaged hair. It may seem like everything you do to try to save it doesn’t work. Cutting it is the last thing you want to do but what can you do to repair it?

Every summer we all ask ourselves. What can I do to repair my hair after the summer? How do I take care of sun-damaged hair? How can I get shiny/healthier looking hair? Don’t worry there is always a solution to a problem.

After years of battling with bleached dry hair. I’ve come up with some tips and treatments I like to add to my hair routine after some days at the beach or the pool. Hopefully, these 8 tips will help you bring back your hair to life and restore that shiny healthy hair that always gets sun-damaged during summer.


1. Hydrate your Hair

First of all. Hydrating your hair is very important no matter what season it is. But after some days at the beach, it is even more important. Hair gets very dry because of the pool or the ocean water plus the sun doesn’t really help to keep the hair shiny and hydrated. After those days at the beach, it is time to take hydration very seriously.

Once a week use a deep conditioning hair mask. I love Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue Mask, I’ve been using it for several months now and it really helps with sun-damaged/dry hair.  A like leaving it for at least 6 hours and sometimes when I really feel like my hair needs some extra hydration I leave it overnight and rinse it the next morning. But if you don’t feel like leaving it on for that long leave it for at least 2 hours before rinsing it.

sun-damaged hair

2. Trim it

I know nobody likes trimming their hair, especially when you’re trying to make it grow. But trust me in order to achieve this goal you need a healthy hair which translates in trimming your hair a little bit so that consequently you can see your hair grow faster.

3. Use a Scalp Scrub

After so many baths in the ocean and swimming pools. A scalp scrub is very important to remove dead skin, dirt, and toxins that accumulate in the scalp and that the shampoo won’t eliminate. OUAI has an amazing scalp scrub that smells so good you are going to enjoy exfoliating your scalp.

sun-damaged hair

4. Protect your ends

Ends are the most sun-damaged part of the hair during the summer. Normally, hydrating them takes a little bit more effort than with the rest of your hair. I trick I use pretty much every time I see my ends are about to split or are very dry, is adding some oil drops to them. This way you give them an extra hydration and help them recover. I normally use olive oil or argan oil or a mix of both of them.

sun-damaged hair

5. Take a break from heat styling

Sun-damaged hair is very susceptible. Using heat stylers in such sensitive hair will make it break easier. In order to avoid this use nonheated styler. OUAI beach waves is a great styler to achieve those very desirable waves.

sun-damaged hair

6. Use coconut oil as an overnight hair mask

One trick I learned from my Indian friends is how using coconut oil in your hair has amazing benefits. Apply it the night before washing your hair. Massage your scalp making sure the oil really penetrates the roots. Wash your hair normally the next morning.

7. Use a Purple Shampoo

If you have bleached, blonde hair you really need to protect the color from brassiness. Purple shampoo is a great remedy for this kind of hairs. One of my favorite purple shampoos is Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo it will make miracles to your hair.

sun-damaged hair

8. Have a Hair Repair Treatment

Lastly, If nothing of these works or you think your hair needs something more. A hair repair treatment is a great solution. It will leave your hair shiny, soft and moisturize.

You can complement all these tips with a great hair salon treatment to recover your hair from sun damaged.

If you haven’t heard from OLAPLEX the newest hair treatment for bleached you should check it out. Here is a post I wrote about this treatment, how it works and which are the benefits,

sun-damaged hair