The Tassels Trend 

The trend you are going to love

Why wear a pair of plain black pants when you can wear tassel pants?

It is all in the details. Now that the weather is getting warmer by the second and there is no need to wear layers and layers of clothes it is time to have some fun. Fringes or tassels, you name it, I probably will love it.

Fringes have always been one of my favorites trends. On dresses, skirts, pants and even shoes. They can totally elevate a look from plain to fun and stylish. No need to complicate yourself trying to find out how to wear them and combine them. It is without a doubt the easiest trend to wear.

If you love fringes and tassels as much as I do here are my favorite pair of tassel pants.

tassels trend

tassels trend

tassels trend tassels trend

tassels trend

tassels trendTassels Trend 1