The Iconic Noughties Trend

The iconic Noughties Trend

Did you miss the 00s trends?

noughties trend

The 2000s trends are far from dead, but fully alive. The dress over pants trend made a big comeback this season and now it has been taken one step further. Say hello to wearing a slip dress with a suit. Yes, you have heard right.

The romantic night-out attire combined with the business casual gives the once dated 00s trend a modern touch.

Love finding new ways to wear the classic work attire in a more casual and feminine way. Because you can always play with what you already own and find new ways of wearing it. The reinvention of the noughties trend is slowly becoming one of my favorite ones, and I will for sure keep wearing it all summer long.

You know what they say go big or go home. So why not give this 00s trend a try? I am pretty sure you’re going to love it.

Here are some of my favorite slip dresses and suits combos.

noughties trend
noughties trend
noughties trend

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