Velvet during the Summer?

Let’s make velvet a daydream


I know what you are thinking. Velvet in summer? Is that possible? Yes, it is possible and I can assure you it will make you love this fabric even more.

Velvet has always been seen as a night fabric and to be more precise a winter one. But actually, you can wear it all year round. From day to night and look fabulous while doing it. It all depends on how you combine it and the weight of the fabric.

For summer keep your eye out for lighter fabrics, floatier styles rather than the heavy velvet of seasons gone by.

So if you love this fabric and thought you could only wear it on the weekend nights or when the weather started getting colder. You’re about to find out how easy it is to wear it during the summer.

These velvet pants are one of my favorite ones. The color is just amazing plus they’re very light which makes them wearing during the summer super approachable. Add a black bodysuit and a white blazer and you have the perfect combo.

For a day event, wearing a black bodysuit with velvet pants can seem like a night outfit that is why adding a white blazer and a pair of mules helps to make the outfit a little bit more casual so that wearing it during the day will be more comfortable.

Other ways you can wear velvet in summer is by wearing a pair of velvet shoes with your favorite white pants, or a velvet skirt with a white blouse for example. The great thing about this fabric is that it is very versatile and the combinations are almost infinite.

So, as you can see the possibilities are a lot. Don’t be shy and add some velvet to your summer outfits.


velvet outfit

velvet outfit

velvet outfit

velvet outfit

velvet outfit

velvet outfit




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