Vitamin B3: The Secret behind a glowing skin

I have to confess I’m becoming a beauty freak! I try to pay more attention to what I put on my skin and how I do it. If I take care of what goes into my body. Why shouldn’t I do the same with goes onto my skin?

I was doing some research and I found out some very interesting things about Vitamin B3 and how it acts in the body.

I’ve read a lot of articles talking about the importance of retinol and Hyaluronic acid but never heard about this vitamin before.

So what is Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide?

Is a water soluble vitamin (The body doesn’t store it), which is why is really important for your body and especially your skin to get the right amount of it.

It not only keeps the skin hydrated and firm, it has been proved to also improve brain wealth, heart and liver.

You can find this vitamin in meat, fish or dairy products. But there are also a lot of veggies, fruits and seeds high in this vitamin.



Green peas

Sunflower seeds



Bell peppers




Sweet potato

But let’s talk about what is important. How this vitamin is going to help your skin.

Here are the top 5 Benefits this vitamin will give to your skin

1. Boosts immunity of your skin

When exposing your skin to the sun, your immune cells run from the skin into the bloodstreams, leaving the skin without its natural barrier against infections. This increases the risk of skin cancer and aging.

B3 cleans damaged DNA and stops immune cells from leaving the skin when exposed to the sun. This way the skin is protected against any infection which could cause the development of precancerous cells.

2. Improves redness

Since this vitamin is water soluble. It penetrates really easily through the dermis. Which translates in a higher hydration of the skin. This translates in lower skin redness and irritation. Also, it helps with the hyperpigmentation of the skin. Several studies revealed that the use of vitamin b3 daily reduced red spots and irritated skin.

3. Protects from infrared

B3 is a very powerful antioxidant, which helps to remove all the damaging free radical molecules created by the environment that cause the skin aging.


Niacinamide (B3 vitamin) reduces the production of pigments and the transfer of pigments into your skin. This leaves the skin looking healthier and with a more even complexion

5. Minimizes lines and wrinkles

This vitamin helps the skin produce a higher amount of collagen and reduce the over production of glycosaminoglycan (I know it sounds very weird). By doing this, wrinkles and expression lines are reduced.


Top 5 serums and creams with a high vitamin B3 content

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